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Industry Honors winners from
 Ashworth and Taylor Made Golf


Paula Creamer @ the PGA Show



Sean Foley on video shoot
for PSP Golf
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DuoTrac launches Kickstarter campaign
Click on image to go to DuoTrac's Kickstarter campaign page

DuoTrac Golf Launches Kickstarter Campaign

4DVP Multi-Sensor Footwork and Swing analyzer is Simple and Fun 

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – DuoTrac Golf, a multi-point, motion tracking, portable sensor-based swing analyzer and mobile app announced the launch of its 28-day Kickstarter campaign beginning Nov. 24, 2015


DuoTrac Golf is putting FUN into the fundamentals of golf with its simple and accurate swing analyzer and 4-point sensor system. DuoTrac Golf’s 4DVP technology is the only device that captures and displays one of the most important aspects of a golfer’s swing – footwork.


Unlike single sensor products, DuoTrac Golf’s 4-Dimensional View Plane (4DVP) tracks the golfer’s clubface path, transition, face angle at impact, foot roll and weight shift.  By incorporating the measurement of additional reference points, you receive a complete statistical snapshot of your full swing plane and footwork. Without an accurate measurement of all of these critical metrics, single-point data becomes irrelevant and useless.


“We are so excited to unveil our new sports sensor device and app through Kickstarter,” stated Jason Koo, President of DuoTrac Golf. “Our device is designed with the everyday golfer in mind, to solve the inaccuracy issues with golf swing analyzers that miss the mark on providing useful training stats that make the game easier and fun.”  He continued, “The game of golf has lacked breakthroughs in training advancement and has failed to accelerate swing improvement and lower scores for golfers beyond hours and hours of practice and hard work.  DuoTrac Golf is going to be a major game changer.”


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